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"We are going to have peace even if we have to fight for it"

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I am an Iraqi living in the United States. I have lived in both sides of the world and wanted to share my views with the people who are interested. I enjoy reading about generally anything especially history or politics. I enjoy haveing a laugh once in a while because in the end that's the ultimate cure!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Funny Jokes

For those who don't know I just wanted to let you know about a website that belongs to an Iraqi guy who makes fun of Saddam. His voice is almost exactly like Saddam's and he's very funny and entertaining. The website is click on free songs. Even though we're serious most of the time, I think that we should have more people like him because we all need a good laugh and he is a very talented guy so check it out!!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Current Iraq

After starting my blog, I decided that it would be a good idea to post a nice picture of Baghdad to remind viewers like you what the good old days were like and for those who haven't seen the city in real life to realize that its not just a desert as Iraq is usually portrayed in the west. However, after five minutes of using three search engines I came to the sudden revelation that this is why the west thinks Iraq is a dump. I searched everywhere for a nice picture of Baghdad but it seemed like every time I typed that word in, I would get death, murder, and destruction for results. I thought to myself, if I was a westerner wouldn't I believe Iraq to be a desert with nothing worth seeing? And the truth is yes I would believe that but fortunatly I know better. As far as I'm concerned, Baghdad will NEVER be a desert and a dump and for the five years that I've been in the west, I've been trying to continuoulsy inform as many people as I can about this fact. Baghdad may be a war zone but as long as its people remain there, I have complete faith that they will restore it to its original beauty. Maybe we have to get some old photos of Baghdad out to remind people what it used to look like in the 1970's and they will start to believe what it could become in the 2000's. Western media needs to cease from only showing the destructive pictures of Iraq because believe it or not, those photos DO effect how we think. Most of us probably watch the news and look at all the bombings and destruction and think to ourselves that there is no hope. The fact is, although we complain that there is nothing but bad news on T.V, we would not watch the news at all if it was good information. It seems though that we like listening to bad news so they give it to us. Now it doesn't take Einstein to figure out that the news exaggerates everything because that is the only way they can grab our attention. If you don't believe this fact then you can watch the news for 4 hours staight and see for yourself if they don't repeat the same thing over and over. For example the other day I heard on the news that there was a car bombing in Baghdad and so I told my sister about this, ten minutes later I thought another bomb went off because the same news chanel reported it and for a second I really believed that the car bombing wouldn't stop until I realized that it was the same bombing. That kind of stuff really puts us in a bad mood and gives us no hope for the future but SO WHAT if there were two car bombings in the first days of April 2005. If you think optimistically you will realize that exactly a year ago, there was more than three car bombings a day and you'll realize that the situation is getting better. To conclude, I sincerly hope that the suffering will come to an end so that the Iraqis can live in harmony and I believe that our brothers and sisters in the west will also do their part in reconstructing this truly wonderful country. We can lose our money and dignity, our hope and faith but we will NEVER lose our country. God bless you.